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Kamakiriad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Walter Carl Becker (born February 20, 1950) is an Jewish musician, songwriter, and record producer. He is best known as the co-founder, guitarist, bassist and co-songwriter in Steely Dan.

Becker met his future songwriting partner Donald Fagen while studying at Bard College. After a brief period of activity in New York, the two relocated to California in 1971 and formed the nucleus of Steely Dan, who enjoyed a critically and commercially successful ten-year career. Following the group’s disbanding, Becker relocated to Hawaii and reduced his musical activity, working primarily as a record producer.

Cover of "11 Tracks of Whack"

Cover of 11 Tracks of Whack

Becker and Fagen reformed Steely Dan in 1993 and have remained active, most notably including their 2000 Two Against Nature album, which won four Grammy Awards. Becker has also released two solo albums, 1994’s 11 Tracks of Whack and 2008’s Circus Money.

Becker was born in Queens, New York City, to Jewish parents and grew up in Westchester County and Forest Hills, Queens. He graduated from Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan in the class of 1967. After starting out on saxophone, he switched to guitar and received instruction in blues technique from neighbor Randy Wolfe.

Steely Dan

Steely Dan (Photo credit: Marco Raaphorst)

Becker met his long-time musical partner, Donald Fagen, while attending Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. While at Bard, Becker and Fagen formed and played in a number of groups, including The Leather Canary, which also included their fellow student Chevy Chase on drums. At the time, Chase called the group „a bad jazz band.“[2] Becker left the school in 1969 prior to completing his degree and moved with Fagen to Brooklyn, where the two began to build a career as a songwriting duo. This period included a stint with Jay and the Americans under pseudonyms and the composition of the soundtrack to You’ve Got to Walk It Like You Talk It or You’ll Lose That Beat, a Richard Pryor film released in 1971.
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The Nightfly

The Nightfly (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Later in 1971, the duo moved to California and formed Steely Dan, which was initially conducted as a full group. Their initial lineup was completed by guitarists Denny Dias, Jeff „Skunk“ Baxter, and drummer Jim Hodder, all of whom the two had met prior to their relocation. With Becker acting initially as bassist, the group spent the following three years touring and recording before becoming a studio-centered project anchored around Becker and Fagen’s songwriting in 1974. In addition to co-writing all of the band’s material, Becker played bass and/or guitar on many of the band’s tracks, as well as providing occasional backing vocals and arrangements.

Greatest Hits (Steely Dan album)

Greatest Hits (Steely Dan album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite the group’s success, particularly surrounding Aja in 1977, Becker suffered from numerous personal setbacks during this period, including addiction to narcotics.[1] After the duo returned to New York in 1978, Becker’s girlfriend Karen Stanley died of a drug overdose, resulting in a large wrongful death suit volleyed against him.[1] Not long after, Becker was hit by a Manhattan taxi while crossing the street and forced to walk with crutches.[1] His personal exhaustion was exacerbated by commercial pressures and the complicated recording process surrounding the final release of Steely Dan’s initial career, 1980’s Gaucho, leading the duo to suspend their partnership in June 1981.

Gold (Steely Dan album)

Gold (Steely Dan album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following Steely Dan’s breakup, Becker moved to the Hawaiian island of Maui and ceased using narcotics.[3][4][5] Shortly thereafter, he began a career as a record producer, overseeing records by Rickie Lee Jones, Michael Franks, and Fra Lippo Lippi, including the latter’s 1987 Norwegian single, „Angel“.

Some of Becker’s most involved activity from this period came with the group China Crisis. He is credited as one of five official members of the band on the sleeve of their 1985 album Flaunt the Imperfection, which he produced. He also produced tracks on their 1989 album Diary of a Hollow Horse, although he is not credited as a band member on that release.

Gaucho (album)

Gaucho (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Becker reunited with Fagen briefly to collaborate on the debut album of singer Rosie Vela, 1986’s Zazu. This led to several low-key and non-professional collaborations, including several aborted songwriting sessions and Becker’s stint in 1991 with Fagen’s New York Rock and Soul Revue, that would ultimately lead to their proper reunion two years later.
Steely Dan reformation; subsequent activity (1993–present)

Their partnership properly resumed in 1993 when they undertook a new tour as Steely Dan, their first in 19 years. Becker also produced Fagen’s album Kamakiriad in 1993. In turn, Fagen co-produced Becker’s belated solo debut album 11 Tracks of Whack in 1994.

Steely Dan (album)

Steely Dan (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Steely Dan continued touring, and their work on new material resulted in their first studio album in two decades, Two Against Nature, released in 2000. The album won four Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year. In 2001 the duo was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and also received Honorary Doctor of Music degrees from Berklee College of Music, which they accepted in person.[6] The next Steely Dan record, Everything Must Go followed in 2003, featuring Becker’s bass and electric guitar work, as well as the first studio Steely Dan track with a lead vocal by Becker, „Slang of Ages“. The band spent the following years touring behind their back catalog.

Steely Dan Smile

Steely Dan Smile (Photo credit: Dimi the Greek)

In 2005, Becker co-produced and played bass on the Krishna Das album All One, and played solo guitar on the title track of Rebecca Pidgeon’s album Tough on Crime from this same year. Madeleine Peyroux’s 2006 album Half the Perfect World featured the single „I’m All Right“, co-written by Becker, Peyroux and producer Larry Klein. Peyroux’s 2009 album Bare Bones also contains two songs co-written by Becker, „You Can’t do Me“ and the title-track „Bare Bones“. Becker was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame[7] in 2008.

The Best of Steely Dan: Then and Now

The Best of Steely Dan: Then and Now (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

His second solo album, Circus Money, was released on June 10, 2008, fourteen years after its predecessor.[8] The album prominently featured Becker’s bass playing, performances by much of the Steely Dan backing band, and work by producer Larry Klein, who received co-composition credits on all but one song. The songs were heavily inspired by reggae and other Jamaican music.[9]
Solo discography
11 Tracks of Whack (1994)
Circus Money (2008)
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Gold, Expanded Edition

Gold, Expanded Edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: Looking south from Queens Boulevard a...

English: Looking south from Queens Boulevard at Forest Hills Post Office on a sunny midday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Walter Becker (* 20. Februar 1950 in Queens, New York City) ist ein jüdischer Musiker.

Walter Becker besuchte bis 1967 die Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan und anschließend das Bard College in New York, wo er seinen langjährigen musikalischen Weggefährten Donald Fagen kennenlernte. Der damalige stellvertretende Staatsanwalt Gordon Liddy (später bekannt für seine Verwicklung in die Watergate-Affäre) klagte Becker 1969 wegen Marihuana-Besitz dritten Grades an. Becker und Fagen spielten beide gemeinsam in einigen Bands, unter anderem The Bad Rock Group (später The Leather Canary), wo der spätere Filmstar Chevy Chase Schlagzeug spielte und gingen 1970 mit Jay and the Americans auf Tour.

Steely Dan - Boston, MA - Bank of America Pavi...

Steely Dan – Boston, MA – Bank of America Pavilion, 6/23/08 (Photo credit: Meuzic)

Nebenbei bildeten Becker und Fagen das Duo Steely Dan, dessen erstes Album 1972 veröffentlicht wurde und das bis heute mehr als 30 Millionen Platten verkaufte. Becker spielt E-Bass und E-Gitarre; gemeinsam mit Fagen komponiert und textet er außerdem die Songs der Band.

Becker erhielt (ebenso wie Fagen) 2001 die Ehrendoktorwürde für Musik des Berklee College of Music.[1] Am 30. Oktober 2008 wurde Becker in die Long Island Music Hall of Fame aufgenommen.[2]
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11 tracks of whack (1994)
Circus Money (2008)
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STEELY DAN (Photo credit: gimme a pabst)

Rickie Lee Jones: Traffic From Paradise (1993): Produzent
China Crisis: „Flaunt The Imperfection“ (1985) Produzent & Arranger
Steely Dan [Bearbeiten]
1972: Can’t Buy A Thrill
1973: Countdown to Ecstasy
1974: Pretzel Logic
1975: Katy Lied
1976: The Royal Scam
1977: Aja
1980: Gaucho
2000: Two Against Nature
2003: Everything Must Go
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