Philip Lieberman

Philip Lieberman (United Jewish Appeal) is a Principal and Partner at KJ Harrison & Partners, where he provides advice trusted by all levels of senior management and advisors. After practising securities and M&A law at Ogilvy Renault in Toronto, he joined the investment banking group at Scotia Capital and rose to become Managing Director and Head of Industrial Products. Philip has a strong commitment to the community, serving at board levels at the Hospital for Sick Children, National Ballet of Canada, United Jewish Appeal and United Way of Greater Toronto.

Jerry Lozinski

Jerry Lozinski is the quintessential entrepreneur having acted as a principal investor and Chairman of three active and diverse businesses. After a decade at Noranda Metal Industries and Newman Steel, he launched his own highly successful steel, iron and brass distribution companies in Canada and the US. He has also managed companies in transition, including liquidating one and reorganizing and turnaround of others. Jerry is a Director and Chair of the Audit Committee of the National Ballet of Canada and has very generously supported other cultural organizations. He is a member of an international panel of basic and clinical cancer experts focusing on new technologies and genetic based approaches to individual therapy for cancer patients.

Robert Lawrie

Rob Lawrie has over 35 years of international legal and business experience. He has held executive and public company officer positions including Industrial Partner at CVC Capital Partners, Europe’s largest private equity firm; Senior Vice President of Global M&A and Strategic Planning, Lear Corporation; Vice President and Special Counsel to the Chairman, Magna International; General Counsel, BP Canada; and Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Abitibi.  He was an advisor to Olympia & York in advance of its Chapter 11 US filing; co-led Tenneco’s initial $8 billion restructuring in the 1980s; and was Chairman of the Industry Creditors Committee in the Texaco bankruptcy.  He has extensive private practice legal experience having been Managing Partner at both Canadian and US-based, law firms.  He has also published articles on Chapter 11 procedure in US banking journals. Rob is philanthropic having been on numerous cultural and charitable boards and cabinets in Canada, the US and Europe. He currently is a Director of The National Ballet of Canada; a member of the Finance Committee of the University Health Network; and Director of the Stephen Leacock Foundation for Children in Toronto.  He holds a JD and BA (Economics), both from the University of Toronto.

60 Bloor Street West, 10th Floor
Toronto, ON  M4W 3B8
Direct: (416) 962-4570

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